Glacial Boulder to Statue Base

Boulder which will be the base for the statue honoring General William Starke Rosecrans being moved onto Sunbury Square on Wednesday, July 25th

8:05 a.m. Stacy Wills and  crew of Eitels Towing arrived at Tom Paul's farm to pick up the boulder stored there almost 2 years ago.

Spence and Stacy    



Wills checking straps and boulder balance

Bob and Spence   Gary   Spence and Bob

Boulder lifted and truck driven under it

Stacy, Spence and Bob

Doug, Spence and Bob


Stacy, Doug and Bob

Boulder wrapped in yellow web for transport

Eitels Towing brings boulder into Sunbury around 9:20  and parks in holding area on South Columbus Street

See more photos of the Boulder being placed on the Square

Photos by Polly Horn

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