Major General William Starke Rosecrans


150th Civil War
Gala Jubilee
An Evening of Remembrance

Saturday, February 12, 2011

 Ohio's Statehouse
1 Capitol Square

Columbus, Ohio

Step back in time to 1861 when the Statehouse was new and the Civil War was fast approaching.  Major General William Starke Rosecrans is inviting you to spend an elegant evening in remembrance of this part of history. 

Plan your arrival for around 5 p.m.  Use the  3rd Street entrance if you wish to leave your carriage in the parking garage under the building. 

    CAUTION:  Do not leave your carriage in a Reserved space or it will be towed.

Soldiers will direct you to follow the sound of the fife
and drum which
will draw you to the Rotunda where
Major General and
Mrs. William Starke Rosecrans will be hosting a Reception from 5 to 6 p.m.
Major General William Starke Rosecrans
Mrs. Ann Eliza Hegeman Rosecaran Linda and Tom Paul
portraying Major General
and Mrs.  Rosecrans
While you enjoy the music of the Highlander Bagpiper Jeff  Lynn and
 Balladeer 1st Sgt. Steve Ball,  you will meet many dignitaries of the era, 
enjoy hors doeuvres and light beverages.
All presenters will be in 1st person of the period throughout the evening
Abraham Lincoln
President of the United States
Gerald Payn
President Lincoln
William Dennison, Junior
Governor of Ohio
Bob Davis Commander of
S. U. V.
portraying Governor Dennison
Major General
John Bell Hood, C


Patrick Gorman
star of screen and stage portraying Major General Hood in Hollywood's epic films,  Gettysburg and Gods and Generals
a former slave
who became
 a great orator
 for the rights
of all people
Michael E. Crutcher, Sr. as the Spirit of Frederick
 1st Sgt. Steve Ball
Regimental Musician
Be sure you stroll through the tables of items for the silent auction.  Check back often through the evening.  Mastercard, Visa, American Express, personal check or cash will be acceptable for paying the winning bid.
At 6 p.m. Camp Chase Fife and Drum Corps will lead Major General Rosecrans and his guests from the Rotunda to the Atrium where an elegant candlelight dinner will be served by a wait staff in period clothing. 
Serving the  General's Favorites
                 ~ Rich Mountain Honey Baked Cornish Hen
                 with Wild Rice Stuffing
              ~ Stones River Creamy Tomato Bisque
              ~ Chattanooga Candied Sweet Carrots
              ~ Chickamauga Sourdough, White and Wheat
                 Warm Rolls
              ~ Annie Rosecrans' Red Velvet Cake
              ~ Tullahoma Gourmet Chocolate Double-Dipped
              ~ Northern Coffee, Southern Sweet Tea and

Anna Ellsworth, Harpist,
will play
the repast

After dinner Master of Ceremonies,
Rom Muszynski, will introduce Special Guests
who will tell of their role in the Civil War and Ohio's importance in the event.

Master of Ceremonies
Rom Muszynski

as Col. W. Krzyzanowski,  2nd brigade,
3rd division,
11th corps, Army of the Potomac

Camp Chase
Fife and Drum Corp

Gregg Dodd,
Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board
History of the Statehouse
 Retired Air Force Col. Thomas Moe, former P.O.W. who spent five years in the Hanoi Hilton in Vietnam.
Director of Ohio Department of Veterans Services

Jeff Linn,
the Highland Piper
Johnny Clem, Newark, Ohio native known as Drummer Boy of Shiloh Payton Seats
 Johnny Clem

Silent Auction to Benefit the Statue Fund


Victoria Woodhull Homer , Ohio  Presidential Candidate in 1872

Rachel Edwards portrays Victoria Woodhull

Richard Isbell, ADA & Veterans Affairs Coordinator to City of Columbus Mayor Michael B. Coleman

Capt. Robert Doremus
former P.O.W. in Vietnam

Alan Cottrill
Sculpturer for the
Major General William Starke Rosecrans' Statue

Deborah Shatzer portrays
Lucy Webb Hayes,
wife of
Rutherford B. Hayes

Please enjoy the Evening of Remembrance and have a safe journey home. 
Keep the Rosecrans Statue in you mind and help us any way you can.

Major General William Starke Rosecrans. . . .

  • Is considered the most brilliant strategist of the Civil War and possibly of all wars

  • He won every battle he commanded except Chickamauga and even then he secured Chattanooga which was his order from President Lincoln

  • After Chickamauga, Rosecrans served as President of the Great Western Sanitary Fair and the St. Louis Sanitary Fair raising $975,000 for the health and welfare of soldiers, their widows and families

  • Following Chickamauga, Rosecrans forced the Confederate Army out of Missouri, made sure their election was fair which allowed it to be a slave free state

  • Rosecrans was the first to use the sun to copy maps, organized a cartography department, a Pioneer Corps, made use of the Cavalry as a separate unit, and invented the ambulance

  • Rosecrans was loved and respected by his soldiers

  • Rosecrans served as Minister to Mexico and Registrar of the Treasury following the war

Due to political intrigue in Washington and jealousy among his superior officers, Major General Rosecrans never received the glory he deserved.  He said when the true facts about the events were made public, history would be rewritten.  It has taken 150 years and still school children never hear about this great man.  Isn't it time?
Major General William Starke Rosecrans is the only Civil War General without a statue.  Members of the General Rosecrans Department of the Ohio Headquarters Unit  are working to rectify this oversight.  Learn about the Statue Fund campaign.

Unknown General on NBC 4 July 2, 2010

$70 from the sale of each ticket will go the Statue Fund.

Preferred dress for the evening is 1861 period military or civilian clothing.  Military uniforms of all eras to the present Class A or full dress are also appropriate.  Non- military may dress as befitting a statehouse event.

Tickets are $100 per person through

OR 1-800-965-9324

Reception, Dinner, Program and Period Dancing are included in the price. 
$70 of each ticket is a donation to the
Big Walnut Area Historical Society, a 501(c)(3) organization,
for the Major General William Starke Rosecrans Memorial Statue

Out of town Guests may wish to stay in the Hyatt or  the Westin (former Southern Hotel) where
blocks of rooms are assigned to this event
(click on logos to register)

This Gala Jubilee  is  hosted by General Rosecrans Department of the Ohio Headquarters Unit and Ohio Statehouse 1st Ohio Battery A, Light Artillery

General Rosecrans Department of the Ohio Headquarters Unit
is part of the
Big Walnut Area Historical Society
in Sunbury, Ohio

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