Purpose of Unit

The purposes of The Headquarters Unit are to:
  • Accurately portray the headquarters unit of Brigadier General William Starke Rosecrans during his command of the Department of the Ohio, (Army of the Ohio) July 1861- October 1863.

  • Accurately portray (re-create) the lifestyles of the volunteer soldiers and their families from the Civil War period (1861 to 1865) with or for other non-profit groups in the proper observance of National Holidays, or in Civil War Battle reenactments, or in living  histories.

  • Encourage patriotism and pride in our ancestors by proper example.

  • Encourage the teaching of the history of the men who fought so desperately to defend their ideologies.

  • Promote the advancement of knowledge of the contribution of Delaware County, Ohio in the Civil War.

  • The reenactor will dress in period costumes or uniforms, demonstrate the activities of the person they have chosen, strive to answer questions asked by the public, and disseminate historically correct information. Special attention will be given to providing this service to the local community from which The Headquarters Unit originated.


Photos by Wendy Caldwell and Debbie Shatzer
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From the By-Laws