General Rosecrans' Command Headquarters
Rules and Regulations for Operation (By-Laws)


This unit is an official committee of the Big Walnut Area Historical Society and is governed by all rules and regulations binding that organization. These rules and regulations supersede any rules or regulations contained here-in. As an official committee of the Big Walnut Area Historical Society, the "General Rosecrans’ Command  Headquarters", is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.


The official name of the unit shall be the "General Rosecrans’ Command Headquarters", hereinafter referred to as "The Rosecrans' Headquarters." The use of the service mark "General Rosecrans’ Command Headquarters", "General Rosecrans' Department of the Ohio Headquarters Unit", or any derivative thereof shall be limited to purposes sanctioned by The Rosecrans' Headquarters Command Officers.  Any reference to "he" or "him", in these By-Laws are there for sentence structure and are not meant to imply a gender bias.

3.   The purposes of The Rosecrans' Headquarters are to:

Accurately portray headquarters of Major General William Starke Rosecrans during his Civil War Military command. It is not the intent of The Rosecrans' Headquarters to supersede or replace the command structure of any event it may attend. Members of The Rosecrans' Headquarters will abide by any instructions given to it by the organizers of an event we are attending regardless of the rank of the person representing the event organizers;


Accurately portray (re-create) the lifestyles of the volunteer soldiers and their families from the Civil War period (1861 to 1865) with or for other non-profit groups in the proper observance of National Holidays, or in Civil War Battle reenactments, or in living  histories;

  c.  Encourage patriotism and pride in our ancestors by proper example;

Encourage the teaching of the history of the men who fought so desperately to defend their ideologies;


Promote the advancement of knowledge of the contribution of Delaware County, Ohio in the Civil War;


The reenactor will dress in period costumes or uniforms, demonstrate the activities of the person they have chosen, strive to answer questions asked by the public, and disseminate historically correct information. Special attention will be given to providing this service to the local community from which The Rosecrans' Headquarters originated.




Membership is open to all individuals over 13 years of age, who agree to accurately portray a soldier of  The Rosecrans' Headquarters, a family member, or other properly portrayed civilian impressions.


All members, 18 years and under, must have a parent or legal guardian sign their membership application. Children of members and members under 18 years of age are the responsibility of their parents.  If a parent or legal guardian does not accompany a minor to an event, the minor must had a signed permission form for the event and a signed sponsorship form of an adult member of The Rosecrans' Headquarters who agrees to take responsibility for the minor during that event.   

  c.    Upon joining The Rosecrans’ Headquarters, members of The Rosecrans’ Headquarters shall agree to uphold the following standards:
  1. Loyalty to the United States of America, the State of Ohio, and Local Authorities.

  2. Adherence to laws of the United States or any State or Commonwealth thereof.

  3. Adherence to any pledge or obligation given at the time of election to any office in The Rosecrans’ Headquarters, or at the time of assuming any office in The Rosecrans’ Headquarters.

  4. Obedience of the Constitution, By-laws, Rules, Regulations, Policies or other lawful orders of The Rosecrans’ Headquarters, emanating from proper authority.

  5. Conduct becoming a member in his relation to The Rosecrans’ Headquarters.

  6. Conduct beneficial to good order and discipline.

Members who fail to comply with these By-laws or orders of the Executive Committee officers may be:



    i.            Reprimanded either verbally or in writing by the Executive Committee
           with a majority approval of the Executive Committee.
   ii.     Suspended from membership for a specific period of time as agreed upon
           by a majority of the Executive Committee.
Prohibited from continued membership by a vote of 80% of The
          Rosecrans’ Headquarters members in attendance at meeting wherein
          advance notice has been given.  
  iv.    Prohibited from continued membership upon conviction of a first
          misdemeanor or any felony crime.
v.         Members who are suspended or removed from membership may not
          receive a refund of membership dues. Items on loan from The Rosecrans’
          Headquarters will be returned.   

The Rosecrans’ Headquarters will be run as a reenactment organization for the dissemination of historically correct information, with each member having equal voice and vote on all matters of concern to The Rosecrans’ Headquarters . However, during reenactments and demonstrations, a military atmosphere including command structure shall be maintained to simulate authenticity and maintain safety.

6.   Each member will be expected to authentically dress and outfit themselves as outlined by the uniform regulations of The Rosecrans’ Headquarters. A reasonable amount of time will be given for members to conform to the uniform regulations. The host of some events may require full and accurate outfits including shoes before admittance to the field. No personal weapons are required. Use of personal hand weapons (muzzle loading types only) must be approved by The Rosecrans’ Headquarters  prior to their use.
7.   Field Participation
     a. Field participation by those less than 18 years of age is limited to those who have previously demonstrated to The Rosecrans’ Headquarters  their ability to safely perform assigned duties and follow orders.
     b. In all demonstrations having weapons fire, a parent of the minor or sponsoring member will be on the field and with in control range of their minor.
     c. Other or unequal restrictions may apply because of maturity, experience, and safety. It should be understood that participation by minors may be controlled by the host of the event.
     d. Ladies who wish to participate as soldiers on the field shall dress in male uniforms and minimize their feminine attributes as well as possible. The host of an event may ask the ladies to leave the field, in which case they are obligated to comply, but this shall not obligate The Rosecrans’ Headquarters  to picket the event. The Rosecrans’ Headquarters  recognizes that the roles portrayed by the ladies and other civilians in period clothing are of equal importance and interest to The Rosecrans’ Headquarters  and to the public but not necessarily to the host of an event.


Election of officers and officials: Elections shall be conducted at membership meetings having advance notice. All positions are voluntary and shall have no financial or personal benefit connected to the position. Executive Committee Officers shall be elected by a 60% majority of The Rosecrans’ Headquarters members in attendance at a meeting called for that purpose. Not all Executive Committee Officer positions have to be filled. All Executive Committee Officers elected must have two years of reenactment experience and be in good standing with the community. The Executive Committee Officers shall include: a Executive Officer, Vice Executive Officer, Secretary, Treasurer and a Member At Large.  A person may hold more than one position. The Executive Officer, with the help of the other elected officials, will oversee the running and business affairs of The Rosecrans’ Headquarters.  The Executive Officer, with the help of the other elected officials, will oversee the running and business affairs of The Rosecrans’ Headquarters. The Executive Officer is responsible for overseeing the records and filing of required reports/forms with The Big Walnut Area Historical Society or other agencies. The office held by Executive Committee Officers will have no relationship to any rank or station held by that member as part of his impersonation. All the members will be accountable for their actions to The Rosecrans’ Headquarters. Positions will normally have a two year term and the holder of the position may be reelected. If for any reason, an elected member of the Executive Committee cannot complete their term, the Executive Officer may appoint a qualified member to serve in that position on an interim basis. The appointment, in order to be effective, must be approved by a 60% majority vote of the members in attendance at the next regular meeting.  The appointee will complete the remainder of the original term.  The Executive Officer may have a lower ranking position and still provide guidance, representation, and scheduling off the field, in which case the Executive Officer’s decisions will not be challenged until there is appropriate time. A safety concern is a legitimate reason to immediately question an order and challenge the action on the spot if there is reason to believe someone may be hurt. The Executive Officer shall be the official spokesman for The Rosecrans’ Headquarters. If the Executive Officer is not available the highest ranking officer on the field shall be the official spokesman for The Rosecrans’ Headquarters. The Executive Officer must be willing to acquire a complete officer’s uniform appropriate to the branch of service he portrays or a civilian outfit appropriate to his impression. He shall be well versed in the activities of a headquarters unit, the headquarters of General Rosecrans, and Civil War History. The Executive Officer shall attend at least 80% of unit approved events.  Executive Committee members can hold rank in another reenacting group provided they have an 80% attendance record in The Rosecrans’ Headquarters activities.


To ensure a quality program for all members, a grievance procedure will exist. The first step of the procedure will be to bring the complaint's) to a member of the Executive Officers, who must address the problem and try to find a solution. If this person is unable to resolve the problem, after a discussion between the parties, a written vote by the full membership will be the final decision. No further problems of the same nature need be addressed by the Executive Officers unless circumstances have significantly changed.


All members will be required to spend time maintaining The Rosecrans’ Headquarters  equipment at reenactments in the public viewing area. This was typical of military life and is a necessity.


No out-of-pocket expenditures on behalf of The Rosecrans’ Headquarters  have to be reimbursed in cash or other benefits unless prior approval of The Rosecrans’ Headquarters  was obtained and as company funds are available. Persons who incur out-of-pocket expenditures on behalf of The Rosecrans’ Headquarters  in an emergency may be reimbursed in cash or other benefits as approved by The Rosecrans’ Headquarters  and as company funds are available. All expenditures must be for purposes within The Rosecrans’ Headquarters  charter.

12.   These by-laws are guidelines which members can use to answer many questions about The Rosecrans’ Headquarters. They are not intended to limit participation by anyone. Amendments may be made to the By-Laws by 60% majority vote of all members in good standing and in attendance at a meeting wherein advance notice has been given to the entire membership of any proposal to amend the By-Laws.
13.   Lobbying Activities will not be conducted by The Rosecrans’ Headquarters. Other activities not expressly mentioned in these by-laws and not in the best interest of The Rosecrans’ Headquarters  are prohibited.
14.   Dues or any donations shall not be used for the personal gain or profit of any member of The Rosecrans’ Headquarters  or other person. No net earnings are to be distributed to members. Membership dues are $10.00 per person or $15 per family per year (Effective Jan 1, 2012). In addition to membership in The Rosecrans’ Headquarters, members must also be members of the Big Walnut Area Historical Society.
15.   Smoking in camp is limited to authentic pipes, etc. Alcoholic or other nonprescription drugs (except those prescribed by a physician) may not be consumed during or up to 8 hours before any duty or activity.

The Rosecrans’ Headquarters  may be dissolved after approval by 80% of the voting members. Funds and assets of The Rosecrans’ Headquarters  are to be donated The Big Walnut Area Historical Society or to another non-profit organization that is involved in a similar non-profit endeavor if The Big Walnut Area Historical Society has also dissolved. The Rosecrans’ Headquarters  accounting period shall be January 1 to December 31.


A prime use of any funds collected is to purchase liability insurance, safety related items, and educational material for The Rosecrans’ Headquarters . No expenditure of funds is to benefit any one individual of The Rosecrans’ Headquarters  financially, politically or socially.


Membership meetings shall be conducted a minimum of every three months. They shall be scheduled a minimum of two weeks in advance and be run by Robert's Rules. Minutes shall be kept by the secretary. Elected officers may not hold meetings without prior notice to the membership or hold closed meetings.


adopted September 25, 2008
revised October 29, 2009
revised July 28,2011
revised July 26, 2012

Rank Rules for
General Rosecrans' Command Headquarters

The purpose for having military rank is to facilitate the authentic portrayal of the lifestyles and camp life of the volunteer soldiers during the U.S. Civil War. Reasonable ratio among privates, NCO and Officer's must be maintained for historical and practical reasons. As in all military organizations the command structure from General down must be maintained on the field to insure that the mission is accomplished and for authenticity. 

The ranks from lowest to highest are as follows: Non-Commissioned: Private, Corporal, Sergeant, First Sergeant, etc., Commissioned: Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Lt. Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier General, Major General, and Lieutenant General.


Because of the historic purpose of The Rosecrans’ Headquarters, it is appropriate for all ranks and all branches of service to be present. However, a majority should be officers.


While the rank of a member of The Rosecrans’ Headquarters  is dependant on the member's portrayal, rank may be assigned or removed by a 70%. vote of The Rosecrans' Command Headquarters or the Executive Committee if such rank is appropriate for a member's historic portrayal.


Unless appropriate to the member's portrayal, only The Rosecrans’ Headquarters  member portraying General Rosecrans may hold the rank of Major General. No member may hold a rank higher than Major General.

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