The Annals of the Army
of the Cumberland
1864 Edition

by John Fitch,
Attorney at Law in Alton, Illinois
Provost Judge, Army of the Cumberland

J. B. Lippincott & Co.
Philadelphia, 1864

How to pronounce his name. page 9
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Crandall Rosecrans in War of 1812 page 9
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Newport Rhode Island, Massachusetts Harbor,  Washington Navy Yard page 11, 12
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Cincinnati, Coal in Virginia, engineering feats and inventions page 12, 13
Odorless oil from petroleum, chlorine in soap, round wick,
short chimney lamps
Pages 13-14
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Home Guards, "Marian Rifles,"  
July 30, 1862 Rosecrans Letter page 38

Reporter of Commonwealth, Atlanta, GA, description  of the General

page 39
Rosecrans requested and got General David Stanley to command cavalry page 204
A Day at Headquarters pages 257-264
Commissary Department pages 274-281
Quartermaster's Department page 265-273
Provost-Marshall General's Department page 282-288
Built up the medical department.  Field Hospital at Murfreesboro, woodcut pages 289-292
Artillery Service pages 293-302
Army Signal and Telegraph service pages 303-308
Army Mail pages 309-317
Army Directory pages 318-319
Army Chaplains pages 320-330
Sanitary Commission pages 331-345
Army Police - Chief William Truesdail pages 345-356
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Woodcut of Mass at Stone River page 324
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