The Virginia Free Press, Charlestown, WV   Thursday, October 7, 1869
          Vol. 5, New Series, No. 8; 2/3.

Funny Incident of the Late War

   In the autumn of the 1861, late in November, Gen. Floyd, with his army, occupied one portion of Sewell mountain, and Gen. Rosecrans, occupied about three quarters of a mile away, another portion of it.  While these two armies were encamped, a cold rain fell one day, "and night coming on," the cold was so intensified that forty horses were frozen to death.---
The night succeeding was also cold, and very clear and the ground was frozen hard, a couple of teams near the two camps stampeded and down the mountain they went, making a tremendous noise.  Each army thought the other was coming and the tents were struck and baggage loaded in the greatest haste,  Rosecrans burning eight wagons loaded with supplies, for he had no team to draw them and Gen. Floyd started one way down the mountain and Gen. Rosecrans the other, and when morning light revealed the true condition of things, the two armies were fifteen miles apart.
  Copy of Clipping sent by Howard Butts  
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