General Rosecrans' Western Virginia Headquarters

General Rosecrans, commanding the Department of Western Virginia

"General Rosecrans, commanding the Department of Western Virginia, surrounded by his staff, at their headquarters, Clarksburg, VA. We present to our readers a most interesting and valuable sketch of General Rosecrans and his staff- a sketch rendered all the more interesting by the brilliant triumph he gained over the Mercury of the Confederates, Floyd. We enumerate the names of the gallant men who so efficiently carried out the plans of their chief: Joseph Derr, Jr., private secretary; Captain C. Kingsbury, Jr., aid-de-camp; Captain N. P. Richmond, adjutant, and Captain Charles Leib, quartermaster." Frank Leslie, 1896
Source:   Frank Leslie, Famous Leaders and Battle Scenes of the Civil War (New York: Mrs. Frank 
                Leslie, 1896)156
Used with permission from Clipart. ETC:

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