ViIlage of Clarksburg, Western Virginia, Headquarters of General Rosecrans

Clarksburg, a post village, capital of Harrison County, is situated on the west fork of the Monongahela River at the south of Elk Creek. about 220 miles northwest of Richmond.  It is built on a high tableland environed by hills.  It had in 1861 several churches, academies, two printing offices and many fine stores.  Stove coal abounded in its

vicinity.  The Northwestern Railroad, a branch of the Baltimore and Ohio, passed through it.  It had two thousand inhabitants.  For a short time Clarksburg was the headquarters of General Rosecrans.  The situation was briefly this:  The Cheat Mountain Gaps, the key to the whole country, was held by a strong force, a portion of General Reynolds brigade, the remainder of which was stationed at Beverly, Huttonsville and in that vicinity.  Other portions of General Rosecrans's command were scattered over almost the whole northwestern part of Virginia, guarding the railroad lines from Wheeling and Parkersburg down to Grafton, and then eastward through Cheat River country, Oakland, Altamont and almost to Cumberland, occupying the Kanawha Valley by General Cox's brigade, and holding towns like Weston, Buckhannon, Summerville, Philippi and Bealington.


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