A Cabinet Photo given to
Mrs. Cornelius O'Connor

This photo may have been taken while the General had a Safety Fuse business in San Francisco.
Cornelius O'Connor was a legislator from San Francisco.
In 1855, Henry William Bradley had the distinction of being the only wholesale dealer of  daguerreian stock on the west coast. 

Photographer Bradley won second best daguerreotype at the 1856 California State Fair from his studio on Clay Street. 

William Herman Rolofson and Bradley became partners and bought out Robert Vance's photography studio at 429 Montgomery Street in San Francisco in 1863.

In 1874 they won an award for the 3 Best Cabinet negatives.

In 1875 they published the Bradley and Rolofson Catalogue of Celebrities.

Following the Chicago Fire they generously donated their earnings 

to support the photographers hurt by the fire.  It turned out the Chicago Fire hurt Bradley's import business was so badly he went bankrupt in 1878 and lost his share of the business. 

A cabinet photo is designed to be displayed on a cabinet and is therefore larger than the Carte de Vistas which could be carried in a pocket.

photo property of Thomas Wolke

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