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Photo Taken in Cincinnati, 1859-1862



This is the listing for Hoag and Quick in the 1862 version of the Williams' Cincinnati Directory City Guide and Business Mirror This is the 12th edition of the guide and is available online at

HOAG & QUICK, (D. R.H. & Israel Q.) Photograph and Fine Art Gallery.
1110 W. 4th


John S. Craig of
has the following notes about Hoag and Quick

                        Hoag, David R. (H.)

Possibly David H. Hoag, daguerreian, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1853-1860.  In 1853 he was listed at 14 West Fifth Street and boarded at 162 Broadway.  In 1855 he was listed in partnership as Hoag and Stillman (G. H.) at 20 West Fifth Street. In 1856 he was listed in partnership with W. S. Porter at 100 West Fourth Street.  Another source noted he employed Israel Quick for many years.  Quick was an artist in Kentucky.  Hoag did in Cincinnati in 1864.  May have been the "Hoag" on the brass mat of a daguerreotype.  Information corrected to November 1997; 1996, 1997 John S. Craig

                      Quick, Israel

Listed as a photographist at 100 West Fourth Street in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1859.  Another source noted he was employed in d. R. Hoag for many years.  A third source documented him in Cincinnati from 1858 to 1861.  Information corrected to November, 1997; 1996, 1997 John S. Craig


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