Southern California

After the Civil War Rosecrans went to Southern California to invest in land and in 1869 bought 16,000 acres of what became "Rosecrans Rancho" for $2.50 an acre. Though this 25-square-mile tract of land was flat and fertile, it was considered to be of no value, possibly because it lacked springs.  In 1870, the  land was sold for $50 per acre and divided into parcels.  From the Rosecrans' property the town of Gardena emerged.  Today the property is encompassed in Los Angeles.

In 1869 General Rosecrans was one of the incorporators of the Southern Pacific Railroad.  He passed his love of railroads on to his
son, Carl F. Rosecrans, who became owner of Rosecrans Rancho and was the major catalyst for the building of the San Pedro rail line through Gardena between Los Angeles and San Pedro. 

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Los Angeles, California, Map Showing General Rosecrans' Property

The large yellow rectangle in the center is the land General Rosecrans bought for $2.50 per acre.  He died at Redondo Beach, highlighted southwest of his original property.

Map marked by Thomas Wolke, 2009

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