Monument Marks Birthplace of
Major General William Starke Rosecrans

New Face on General Rosecrans' Monument

About 1.2 miles west of Route 61 on Rosecrans Road is a roadside monument marking the birth home of William Starke Rosecrans, a Major General by the end of the Civil War.  The house is gone but the spot is marked for posterity.
Sunbury's Colonel Benson W. Hough Post of the American Legion with William Mitchell's generous donation of land from his farm where Rosecrans was born, and the Ohio American Legion dedicated the
boulder monument on Rosecrans Road, Sunday, May 26, 1940.  The plot of ground was set aside in perpetuity by Mitchell and the Kingston Township trustees.

Paul L. Shelby, Judge Advocate General of the Ohio American Legion and chief of securities division of the Ohio Department of Commerce was the principal speaker. Legionnaires from various posts in central Ohio attended the dedication to honor the Delaware County man who became the fifth ranking general in the Union Army.

Chaplain Albert K. Mathews, Lt. Col of the U.S. Army stationed at Fort Hayes gave the invocation to open the program.  Following the song "America" all legion men joined in the preamble, salute to the flag and pledge of allegiance.  Chaplain Mathews gave a talk followed by the song "America the Beautiful." 

In 2008 Sam Baldoff earned his Eagle Boy Scout Award by working through the Kingston Township Trustees, cleaned the site, painted the fence and did some landscaping to make the site more attractive.

Bruce Hamill of the Rosecrans Headquarter Unit has been maintaining the area.

Major General Rosecrans is the only Civil War general without a statue to honor him.  This is an error we hope to correct

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