Ohio's Johnny Clem
Drummer Boy of Chickamauga
Licking County Historical Society and the Rosecrans Command Headquarters joined forces with author David Moore, of Washington, D. C., to celebrate Johnny's 160th birthday, Saturday, August 13th and Monday, August 15th, 2011. 13th.
Licking County Historical Society is dedicating the renovated Johnny Clem School on Monday evening, August 15th.    With the help of Tom Paul who portrays Major General William Starke Rosecrans Moore was contacted about placing flowers on Clem's monument in Arlington National Cemetery on his birthday, August 13th.
Johnny Clem was born in Licking County August 13, 1851, attended school until he ran away to join the army when the war between the states broke out.  At first he could not find a group that would take him but he dogged the troops until he proved his courage and dependability.  He was given a drum and began to learn the cadences which would keep the troops marching into battle.

Johnny continued to serve his nation as an adult in the army.  When he retired in 1915, he was the oldest  soldier from the Civil War still in the army
Johnny died in San Antonio, Texas and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

David Moore has become affiliated with the Rosecrans Headquarters in Sunbury, Ohio.  He is writing a book about Major General William Starke Rosecrans.

Photos by David Moore

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