Rosecrans’ Headquarters
Minutes of Meeting Held
Thursday,  April 26, 2012

Attending:  Rick Helwig – Chairman, Tom Paul – Vice-Chairman (not present), Bill Comisford -Secretary, Henry Shaw, Treasurer. Various members of the HQs. 

Presentation:  Dana Russell gave a presentation on preparing for 1st person in living history. 

Chairman’s Report:  Rick indicated the executive committee was working with the BWAHS and the Village to resolve the statue issues. 

Vice-Chairman’s Report:  No report. 

Secretary’s Report:  Minutes of the March meeting were passed around for review.  Secretary’s report was approved and accepted. 

Treasurer’s Report:  Henry gave a report on the status HQ and Memorial funds.  HQ - $4,289.92; Memorial Fund - $7,843.87, plus $50.  Treasurer’s report was approved and accepted.

Past Campaigns:

March 30         Shiloh – Bill, Rick, Terry & Val attended the re-enactment.  Rick & Val visited Stones River after.

April 14           Antique Road Show (received $125) (1pm – 3pm) – Tom, Rick & Monte attended.  HQ received donated items of drum shell and a cannonball.

April 14           Vendors’ Market Day (9am – 3pm) – Bill worked the table at the event, sold a t-shirt and gave out several brochures on the statue.

Upcoming Campaigns (all events need active participants):

May 5-6           Mansfield Civil War Show – Bill and others to man the table at the event.  Rick setting up on Thursday.

May 11-12       Statehouse Encampment

May 18-19       Civil War School Days in Sunbury (19th – Farmers Market)

May 28            Memorial Day at Myers Inn

                        Autumn Lakes Encampment

June 25 – 26    Reynoldsburg Re-enactment, Rick is the artillery commander for the event.

August 12-14  Hale Farm

                        Harlem Twp

September       Delaware Horse Parade

Committee Reports:

Ladies Aid Society:  Quilt to be made for a raffle item.  “Working on a Southern BBQ”

Fundraising:  Bill discussed the purpose of the fundraising committee and how it would function.  Bill and Liz presented a proposal brought forth from the Ladies Aid Society for a “Sweet Magnolia Barbeque and Chautauqua”.  The fundraising committee was recommending the event to the HQ.  The proposal was accepted with certain stipulation for attendance and volunteers.

Education:  Working on the School Day program.  Need volunteers for presenters.  Close to 1,000 students already committed.  Next meeting set for April 30th

Living History:  Meeting held on April 4th.  Group is working on impressions for the Statehouse Encampment and the Reynoldsburg Re-enactment. Next meetings set for May 14th.

Rosecrans’ Memorial:  Bill indicated the 100th brick had been sold to Bob Davis (Gov Dennison Sons of Union Veterans).  No other report.

Business:  The following new business items were discussed:

Army of the Ohio – Rick was in discussion with Bob Minton of The Army of the Ohio.  Rick is not getting a warm welcome from the group.  Will try to follow-up at the Civil War Show in Mansfield.

Future Demos and Public Presentations:  The following is the schedule of upcoming Living History Presentations (need topics and presenters):

·         May                             Payton Seats, Telegraph during the Civil War

·         June                             Rick Helwig, Civil War Artillery

·         July                              Steve Cook, Civil War Journalists (Part 1)

·         August                        Steve Cook, Civil War Journalists (Part 2)

·         September                   Kate Cook, Underground Railroad

·         October                       Valarie Hamill, Pauleen Cushman, Civil War Spy

 Next meeting was set for Thursday, May 31, 2012.  Bring a friend! 

Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

                                                                        W. D. Comisford
Secretary, Rosecrans’ Headquarters

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