The Rosecrans’ Headquarters
Minutes of Meeting Held
Thursday, July 28, 2011

        Rick Helwig made a wonderful first person presentation as Charles Wilcox told of his life
        as a Civilian and Military Blacksmith.

Attending the meeting were Rick Helwig, Charles Grapes, Ken Herb, Tom and Linda Paul, Bill Barr, Greg Williams, Terry Piatt, Bob Mergle, Liz Golowenski, Val Hamill, Henry Shaw, and Polly Horn
Officers Reports:
       Executive Officer - Rick Helwig
       Vice Executive Officer - Tom Paul
       Secretary - Bill Comisford was absent so no minutes from the last meeting
       Treasurer - Henry Shaw  reported there is $3909.92 in the Headquarters account and
                $5941.92 in the Memorial Fund

Past Campaign Reports:
July 4th parade entry and efforts of Comisfords and Rick were fruitful in selling bricks,
       t-shirts and spreading the word about Rosecrans and the Headquarters.

Up Coming Campaigns:
Coshocton - Aug. 12-14
        Harlem Twp., Festival, Aug 20-21.  Assume we will be in the same spot as last year.
        Johnny Clem Wreath Laying in Arlington Cemetery. David Moore has agreed to do this on
              August 13th to celebrate Johnny's birthday. Tom is hoping for national news coverage.
        Johnny Clem Elementary Dedication August 15.  Tom Paul has not heard anything from
             the Licking County Historical Society so we are on hold.  We agreed to go to back
             Peyton  as Johnny Clem but they have not ask Peyton to participate
         Labor Day, September 5th.   BWAHS and the Rosecrans Headquarters have paid for a $50
               table on the curb across from the Myers Inn.  Both groups will sell from the table and
               encourage people to go across the street.  Workers are needed in the Inn and at the
         Fort Recovery - Sept 9-11
         Zoar Sept. 16-18
         Heritage Day, 1-4p.m., October 2 at Myers Inn
         Val invited people to attend the Gahanna Campout on September24 and the Herb Center
                 Harvest Festival 9-4 on October 8
          Rick ask everyone who plans to attend any of the events to please sign up tonight so
                he can send in the forms.

Standing Committees:
          Ladies Aid
- Val Hamill noted Liz Golowenski got 3rd in the ball gown competition at

Fall Dinner Theaters:  a committee of Tom and Linda Paul, Val Hamill and Rick
                           Helwig will go to Autumn Lakes to discuss having a dinner theater in that
                           Val recommended Liz Golowenski serve as chair for a program committee for
                           the dinner theaters.    Rick will appoint an Ad Hoc committee after the meeting
                           on the 1st.
                    No report on the bricks and t- shirt sales
           Membership Committee:  Tom Paul
           Personal Impressions:
                     Rick explained not everyone in the group needs a personal impression.  There is
                     always need for soldiers.
           Rosecrans Memorial Fund:  Tom reported he has been unable to contact Jerry Jodreys
                     and he is key to the next step.
Old Business:
          By-Law Changes. 
Henry moved the By-Laws be brought forth for discussion, Ken
                      seconded and the motion carried.  It was suggested the official name be changed to
                      The Rosecrans' Command Headquarters and shortened to The Rosecrans'
                      Headquarters.  After much discussion, Henry moved the By-Laws be accepted as
                       revised.  Val seconded the motion and it carried.  Rick will send the revised
                       document to the membership and it will be posted on the website.

           Speakers Bureau:  Everyone is in agreement that we need one but the procedures for it
                       still need to be discussed at a future meeting.  Ad hoc committee?

           Finance Committee:  Will use the existing committee for now

New Business:  
            Val suggested Liz serve as Campaign Coordinator to relieve Rick of some of the

            Val suggested we start the Rosecrans' cadets with Bill Comisford and Liz Golowenski
             as leaders assisted by Hannah Griffith and Peyton Seats
            Tom suggested the group look at the National 150th Celebrations and choose ones they
            wish to attend so arrangements can be made.  He suggested looking at the battles where
            Rosecrans commanded.  The group also suggested Gettysburg and Rick suggested if that
            one is chosen, we portray General Paul's Headquarters.

Up Coming Programs:
           Next meeting will be August 25 at 7 p.m. at the Myers Inn.  Dana Russell will present a
                  program on the British Observers in the Civil War.
           September 29th:  Mourning Etiquette in the Civil War with Rachel Edwards
           October 27th:  U.S. Sanitary Fair with Liz Golowenski
            Nov. /Dec.

                                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                                Polly Horn, pro tem

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