Rosecrans’ Headquarters
Minutes of Meeting Held
Thursday, May 26, 2011

Welcome by Rick Helwig.  Guests at tonight's meeting are Bill Harvey, Brent Jones, and Mark Brown.  Members attended the meeting:  Rick Helwig, Steve Ball, Linda and Tom Paul, Brittany Crow, Joe Heiberger, Elizbeth Toppings, Terry Piatt, Valerie Hamill, Chuck Grapes, Monte McGowan and Polly Horn

Program:  Rick showed photos taken during  the reenactment weekend.

Campaign reports:

  • All reports are not in for the weekend so a complete financial report will be coming later.
  • Need to pay Steve Green $150 rental for the big tent.

Upcoming Campaigns

  • Upcoming Campaigns:
  • Memorial Day at Myers Inn
  • Battle of Blacklick Creek at Reynoldsburg (June 25 & 26)
  • July 4th at Myers Inn.  Parade is still to be decided.
  • Harlem Community Day - will pay RHU$300 and anything over that taken it at the Antique Appraisal

Standing Committee Reports:

  • Ladies Aid - Valerie Hamill
  • Fundraising
    Autumn Lakes wants a headquarter camp set up July 1-3 at the campgrounds.  They will pay
        the unit to do this.  Valerie is checking in to the details
    Valerie suggested moving dinner to Autumn Lakes and have one big dinner as opposed to 3
        small ones in the Myers Inn.  Think about this and a decision will be made at a later date.
  • Unit Impressions - no new ones
  • Rosecrans Memorial
    Tom Paul reported the lunches and pies went well but needs help to sell them on Memorial
    Bill Comisford is selling commemorative bricks for the trail to the General for $50.  Form is
           also on website.  T-shirts about the statue are also for sale at $15 each

No Old Business:

New Business:

  • Possible By-Law Changes to be discussed at the July meeting.
    - Change name to Rosecrans Headquarters Unit
    - Make family dues $15 instead of single and family both being $10

Upcoming Programs:

  • June - Lt Col. Granville Franbes - Chuck Grapes
  • July - Civilian and Military Blacksmiths - Rick Helwig
  • August -
  • September - Mourning Ritual - Rachel Edwards
  • October - Sanitary Fair - Liz Golowenski
  • Nov/Dec

Next Meeting is 7 p.m. in the Myers Inn with Chuck Grapes as Ly- Colonel Granville Frambes.  Bring a friend.

                                                                                           Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                          Polly Horn, secretary pro tem

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