Rosecrans’ Headquarters
Minutes of Meeting Held
Thursday, October 27, 2011

Attending:  Rick Helwig – Chairman (not present), Tom Paul – Vice-Chairman, Bill Comisford -Secretary, Henry Shaw – Treasurer, and members of the Rosecrans HQ.   

Liz Golowenski gave a presentation on the formation of the Sanitary Commission. 

Chairman’s Report:  No report. 

Vice-Chairman’s Report:  Tom discussed the progress on the statue.  Need to get Village approval.  Plan is to have concrete work to be started and completed in November.  Bricks to be delivered and engraving started. 

Secretary’s Report:  Bill passed around the minutes.  Minutes were approved and accepted. 

Treasurer’s Report:  Henry Shaw gave the treasurer’s report.  Report was approved and accepted. 

Past Events:    A discussion on past events:

  • Heritage Day – car show moved to the high school because of the weather.
  • October dinner theater – cleared around $835.

Activities:  The following activities were discussed: 

Up-Coming Activities: 

·         November 11th – Veterans Day, Delaware Sr. Center and Cheshire Rd Cemetery.

·         November 12th – Dinner theater at Autumn Lakes Campground. Practice 11/3 and 11/9 at 6:00 pm.

·         November 15th - 150th Anniversary of Statehouse – setup table and participation, Steve Ball and Payton to perform.

·         December 10th – Dinner theater at Myers Inn. 

Ladies Aid Society:  No report. 

Rosecrans’ Memorial:  Tom discussed fundraising on the statue and pricing for the bricks.  A local business will do the engraving.  A group will need to present the plan for the statue at the Village Council meeting on November 2nd

New business:  None.

Demos and Public Presentations:  The following is the schedule of upcoming Living History Presentations: 

·         November/December: Christmas Hymns, by Kate Cook

·         January Meeting:         TBD

·         February Meeting:       Florena Budwin, by Hannah Griffith

·         March Meeting:           Civil War Newspapers/Journalism, by Steve Cook

·         April Meeting:             TBD

·         May Meeting:              Telegraphs in the Civil War, by Payton Seats

·         June Meeting:              TBD

Next meeting was set for Thursday, November 17th.  Bring a friend! 

Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

                                                                        W. D. Comisford
Secretary, Rosecrans’ Headquarters

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