Rosecrans’ Headquarters
Minutes of Meeting Held
Thursday,  January 27, 2011

Attending:  Tom Paul – Vice-Chairman, Bill Comisford -Secretary, Henry Shaw – Treasurer, Linda Paul, Polly Horn, Valerie Hamill, Monte McGowen, Liz Golowenski, Hannah Griffith, Elizabeth Topping, Bob & Nancy Mergel, Chuck Grapes, Ken Herb, Robert Souder, Bill Barr, Steve Ball, Barb Liesure, Elizabeth Reeb, Kim, Rob & Payton Seats.

Liz presented several writings and poems of the Sanitary Commission.

Chairman’s Report:  Paul read the “State of the HQ” report prepared by Chairman Rick.

Secretary’s Report:  Bill indicated the minutes were on the website prior to the meeting.  Minutes were approved and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report:  Henry Shaw gave the treasurer’s report.  Report was approved and accepted.

Past Events:    A discussion on past events:

  • Christmas on the Square
  • December Dinner Theater

Activities:  The following activities were discussed: 

Up-Coming Activites:

·         February 12th – Gala Event at the Ohio Statehouse.
·         May 20-22 - Sunbury Re-enactment

Discussed events to participate in during 2011.  A listing was passed out, with a request for input.  Will try to finalize at the February meeting.

Gala:  Tom gave an update on the Gala schedule and information on various speakers.  Tom is getting together with Bob Kendrick to do a piece for TV6.  Tom is trying to get a piece for Fox in the Morning program.

Sunbury Re-enactment:  Spectator ads need to be in by March 1st.  Insurance quote received for $500. 

Rosecrans Memorial:  Wax rendering will be ready by the Gala and unveiled at the Gala.

Demos and Public Presentations:  The following is the schedule of upcoming Living History Presentations:

·         February Meeting:       Corps of Engineers, by Bob Mergel

·         March Meeting:           Infantry HQ

·         April Meeting;             Reenactment plans

·         May Meeting:              Re-enactment recap

·         June Meeting:              Colonel Frambes, by Chuck Grapes

·         July Meeting:              Civilian and Military Blacksmiths, by Rick Helwig

·         August Meeting:

·         September Meeting:

·         October Meeting:        US Sanitary Fair, by Liz Golowenski

·         November Meeting:

·         December Meeting:

New Business:               Election of Officers for 2011.  Officers nominated are as follows:

Chairman:                    Rick Helwig

Vice-Chairman:           Tom Paul

Secretary:                    Bill Comisford

Treasurer:                    Henry Shaw

The above list was voted on and approved.

Dues notices will be mailed out.  Unit forms need to be completed and returned to Rick.

Next meeting was set for Thursday, January 28th.  Bring a friend! 

Meeting was adjourned. 

Respectfully Submitted,

                                                                        W. D. Comisford
Secretary, Rosecrans’ Headquarters

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