Rosecrans’ Headquarters
Minutes of Meeting Held
Thursday,  October 28, 2010

Attending:  Rick Helwig – Chairman, Tom Paul – Vice-Chairman, Bill Comisford -Secretary, Henry Shaw, Treasurer, Polly Horn, Steve Ball, Valerie Hamill, Monte McGowen, Chuck Grapes, Joe Heiberger, Linda Paul, Suzanne Allen, Liz Golowenski, Rob, Kim & Payton Seats, Hannah Griffith, and Elizabeth Reeb. 

Polly Horn gave a public presentation on power-point of the life of William Starke Rosecrans.  Great presentation. 

Chairman’s Report:  Rick welcomed Henry back who had been out of commission and on a leave of absence from the HQ. 

Rick discussed some ideas for the 2011 season.  Let’s accumulate events and discuss them in a planning meeting in January 2011. 

Vice-Chairman’s Report:  Tom discussed the progress on the statute and several meetings with the Statehouse people. 

Tom also discussed the HQ involvement in organizing an event at the Statehouse to kick-off the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War to be held on February 12, 2011. 

Secretary’s Report:  Bill discussed and passed around the minutes of the September meeting.  Secretary’s report approved and accepted later in the meeting. 

Treasurer’s Report:  Henry Shaw gave a report on the status: HQ - $3,200+ and Memorial - $4,400+.  Motion by Polly, seconded by Chuck to loan up to $1,000 to the memorial fund to assist with the acquisition of the rendering of the statute.  Motion carried. 

Re-enactment Committee.  Meeting to be held December 9. 

Ladies Aid Society:  Rosecrans’ HQ dinner theater for October went very well.  Dates have been set (Nov 13 and Dec 13).  Val and Liz discussed the “Sanitary Fair” to be held during the May Re-enactment.  Veterans’ Day cemetery event being organized by Suzanne.  Quilt work is progressing. 

Activities:  The following activities were discussed:

Up-coming campaign activities:

·         November 13, Dinner Theater

·         December 4, Christmas on the Square

·         December 11, Dinner Theater

·         May 20-22, 2011, Sunbury Re-enactment

Unit Impressions:  Nothing. 

Demos and Public Presentations:  The following is the schedule of upcoming Living History Presentations:

·         December                    Jeff Martin? - Civilian Pastors during the Civil War

Next meeting was set for Thursday, December ___.  Bring a friend! 

Meeting was adjourned. 

Respectfully Submitted, 


W. D. Comisford

Secretary, Rosecrans’ Headquarters

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