Rosecrans’ Headquarters
Minutes of Meeting Held
Thursday, December 9, 2010


Attending: Rick Helwig – Executive Officer, Tom Paul – Vice Ex O, Henry Shaw – Treasurer, Monte McGowen, Kim & Payton Seats, Liz Golowenski, Hannah Griffith, Steve Ball, Linda Paul, Joe Heiberger, Jim Frasca, Valerie Hamill, John & Kathy Beckley, Stephen & Kathlene Cook, Morgan Harper-Cook, Wyatt Cook, and Elizabeth Topping

John Beckley gave a public presentation on Holiday Religious Customs of the Civil War.  It was well thought out and well received.

Executive Officer Helwig stated that as this was our Holiday meeting, the regular format for our business meeting would be suspended so we could enjoy each other’s company and the Holiday Spirit. 

Treasurer’s Report:  Henry Shaw stated that he had prepared a monthly Treasurers Report for both the General Fund and the Memorial Fund.  The report was available for inspection and a copy was given to the Ex O.   There was some discussion regarding a $1000 donation to the memorial fund which did not appear in the bank records.  Treasurer Shaw was going to investigate what happened to the funds and report back. 

Activities:  The following activities were discussed:

Valerie Hamill Reported on the November Dinner Theater.  A discussion followed concerning plans for the December Dinner Theater.

Tom Paul and Steve Ball Reported on the Feb 12 event at the State House.  While things were still somewhat in the air detail wise, good progress had been made in the organizing or the event and it was definitely a go.

Rosecrans Memorial: Tom Paul reported on the status of the Memorial.  He stated that the wax miniature had been ordered and the he had travelled to Zanesville so that the sculptor could take some pictures and make sketches of how the General would look in the saddle and how folds should look in the uniform.  Tom also announced that Alan Cottrill (sculptor) was going to cast a miniature bronze statue for himself and would allow us to borrow it for fundraising purposes. 

Valerie Hamill announced that we did not get the Pepsi Refresh Grant but she thanked all for their participation in the voting.

Other: Joe Heiberger has agreed to act as a membership chairman.  He stated that membership renewals would be sent along with membership renewals in the BWAHS when they came due for each member.  He asked that members not pay their dues until billed.

Demos & Public Presentations:  ExO Helwig announced that there was a need for programs for next year and asked that anyone who had an idea for a program to please let him know.

ExO Helwig announced that the next meeting would be our annual business meeting.  The meeting will be Thursday January 27 at 7 pm.

There being no further business to come before the group the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,


Rick Helwig
Executive Officer

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