Rosecrans’ Headquarters
Minutes of Meeting Held
Thursday, June 25, 2009

Attending:  Rick Helwig – Chairman, Tom Paul – Vice Chairman, Bill Comisford -Secretary, Polly Horn, Robert Souder, Suzanne Allen, John Beckley, Joe Heiberger, Linda Paul, Valerie Hamill, Monte McGowen, Chuck Grapes, and E. Clark and Carol Wood. 

Chairman’s Report:  Rick thanked Valerie for her presentation on “Letters and Diaries of Soldiers and Civilians.”  Rick reported that Greg Williams’ father Don had passed away.  Don had started the Mansfield Artillery and Civil War Show and had grown it to be the largest in the Midwest.  He will be missed! 

Secretary’s Report:  Bill presented the minutes from the meeting of March 26, 2009.  Minutes were approved and accepted. 

Treasurer’s Report:  Polly indicated that there was $249 in the bank account.  She has $60 from the Woodward PTO for School Days and another $119 for the Rosecrans’ Memorial.  This makes $129 designated for the memorial fund. 

Ladies Aid Society:  Valerie had no report. 

Activities:  The following activities were discussed:

Fallen Heroes Rally, June 20th --  Rick had a display set-up on the porch of the Myers Inn.  Well received with a lot of good feedback. 

Boy Scout Jamboree --  John and Rick attended.  Again, well received and would like us to participate next year. 

Souders School --  Tom, Linda and Robert presented at the school.

Other Up-Coming Activities: 

·         June 27-28th: Reynoldsburg Reenactment at Civic Park.

Unit Impression:  Rick again discussed the need for everyone to come up with their own individual impression (whether it be a soldier or a civilian).  Impression can be a specific individual (i.e. General William S. Rosecrans), a branch of the service (i.e. artillery, cavalry, etc) or other (camp follower, sutler, officer’s wife, etc).

Unit Flag:  Bill reported on meeting with the Flag Lady.  Have a quote for $100 for design workup and $265 for the final flag.  Motion to acquire the Unit Flag was brought by Polly and seconded by Valerie, all were in favor.  Bill will get things started and it should be about 4 – 6 weeks for delivery.  Bill will also check on a flag pole.  A hat was passed to help with the cost of the new flag. 

Rosecrans Memorial:  Tom report on the progress of a memorial to General William S. Rosecrans.  Sunbury Council to discuss locations.  Rosecrans’ Memorial on Rosecrans Road recently refreshed – looks good. 

Demos and Public Presentations:  The following is the schedule of upcoming Living History Presentations: 
   ·         June Meeting:      
   ·         July Meeting:              US Military of West Point and the Civil War, Dr. Tom Erndt    
   ·         August Meeting:         Religion, John Beckley
   ·         September Meeting:    Camp Life, Linda Paul
   ·         October Meeting:        Department of the Ohio, Bill Comisford

We should start thinking of ideas for next year.


   Civil War Reenactment -- A committee will be set up for the 2010 Sunbury Civil War 
   Reenactment, made up of Bill, Rick, Tom and Valerie.

   Living History Presentations  -- Tom has 3 engagements set up for this fall at the schools.

   Delaware All-Horse Parade, September 13th --  Unit plans to participate.

   Delaware County Fair – Rick indicated the Fair would like us to set up our Headquarters at the
   Delaware County Fair.  After discussion, Bill made a motion to thank them for the offer, but to
   give them our regrets that we would have to pass, seconded by John, motion passed.

   Centerburg Fair, September 19-21 – Unit plans to participate in their parade and set up the
   Headquarters.  Rick is checking to see about a bounty for participating.

Next meeting was set for Thursday, July 30th.  Bring a friend!

Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted, 

W. D. Comisford
Secretary, Rosecrans’ Headquarters

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