Rosecrans’ Headquarters
Minutes of Meeting Held
Thursday, May 28, 2009

Attending:  Rick Helwig – Chairman, Tom Paul – Vice Chairman, Henry Shaw  -Treasurer, Suzanne Allen, Polly Horn, Robert Souder, Linda Paul, Valerie Hamill, Scott and Renee McCroskey, Joe Heiberger, Monty McGowen,  Bob and Nancy Merkle, a man from Reynoldsburg.

Monty McGowen attended with the photograph of his great grandfather James R. McGowen of Johnson Co., Illinois who served in Company D of the 31st Illinois as a nurse in the regiment hospital.  Monty shared his grandfather’s Civil War record papers.

Secretary’s Report:  Richard Helwig passed out the minutes form the last meeting and they will be posted on the website.

Treasurer’s Report:  Henry Shaw reported there is $140 in the bank account.  $60 is outstanding from the Student Day gate.

Past Campaign Reports:


Mansfield Artillery Show – May 2-3:  John & Kathy Beckley set up his tent  and
shared it with Tom and Linda  to set up the Headquarters.   Bill, Rick, Polly and Rachel Edwards attended the show. Greg would like a bigger presence next year.  Tom noted they need to give us a better space if they want us to set up next year.

 School Days in Sunbury – May 15-16:  250 students from 4 schools and about 30 homeschoolers went through 10 Stations on Friday.  There was no response from many schools who attended last year.  Joe Heiberger volunteered to visit schools next year to encourage participation.  Keeping the progression between stations to the right time was a problem which Rick will address next year by having a gun fired when it is time to change stations.  The R.O.T.C. Cadets and adults enjoyed assisting with the program.  It was suggested they might be encouraged to drill for a session in the future.   Ladies’ Aid Society had it’s debut and was very well received.

While Saturday’s attendance could have been higher there was a steady group going through the stations.  Location of the stations on Saturday was also discussed – it would be nice to try to move them closer together.  Some money was received thru the donation barrel but it needs to get more attention – perhaps placed by the drummer. Unfortunately the senior residences contacted do not take trips on weekends.  Perhaps they could be encouraged to come after Friday classes on the odd years.  That time is too busy setting up for the reenactors on the even years. Polly got press releases to the various newspapers but not all chose to run them.  A potluck dinner for Friday night was sparsely attended but enjoyed by those who did attend.

 Memorial Day, Rosecrans’ Headquarters, Myers Inn:  Rick Helwig set up his tent and display in the north yard but was asked to move to the front porch where he was very busy discussing his weapons and the Headquarters Unit.   Linda and Tom joined him.  This is a good visible place for the unit.  The Ladies’ Aid continued to educate from the Tavern room of the Inn.           

Other Up-Coming Campaigns:

  • Scout Jamboree, June 6th.  John Beckley was not in attendance and no one else knew about the event.
  • Fallen Heroes – June 20:  This is a late afternoon early evening fund raiser for the Fallen Heroes.  Last year the events on the square were rained out.  Rick was set up.  Rick will contact everyone via email when hew learns what they want us to do.
  • July 4th Parade.  Looking for horses to pull a wagon or cart in the parade.  Myers Inn will be open if anyone wishes to set upon the porch or inside.
  • Farmer’s Market and Heritage Day -  October 3rd and 4th .  Kroger has given $150 to the BWAHS who is splitting it with the Rosecrans Headquarters Unit for setting up displays on Saturday morning on the square. The money will go through the BWAHS books the first week in June.   Heritage Day is Sunday in and around the Myers Inn.
  • Sunbury Reenactment May 14, 15, 16, 2010:  As soon as Rick gets the dates cleared with Sunbury Council we will put together a poster and fliers to have ready at all events.   Valerie Hamill offered to help raise the funds to cover the over-participation expenses.

Tonight Rick gave a very informative program on the makeup of a headquarters unit.  He agreed to make his notes available on the website. 

Upcoming Programs to be held before the monthly meeting:

  • June – Letters and Diaries by Valerie Hamill
  • July – US Military of West Point and the Civil War, Dr. Tom Erndt
  • August- Religion in the Civil War by John Beckley
  • September – Camp Life by Linda Paul
  • October -  Department of the Ohio by Bill Comisford
  • November – Civil War Christmas
  • December – no meeting

Old Business:
Ladies Aid, Valerie Hamill, had no report

Unit Impression
:  Rick urged everyone to come up with their own individual impression (whether it be a soldier or a civilian).  In addition we need to work on the Headquarters Impression.

Unit Flag:  Bill will follow-up getting an estimate for the headquarters’ flag.

Rosecrans Memorial:  Tom reported on the progress of a memorial to General William S. Rosecrans.  In spite of good press and many speaking engagements, the money is coming in very slowly.  The gentleman who offered to make the model has been out of the country. 

Once again the availability of the Delaware Co. Bicentennial Funds was discussed.  Rick explained the remainder of the funds which will probably be around $3,000 will go to the Big Walnut Area Historical Society because they were the only 501(c)(3) organization willing to allow Bicentennial Funds to go through their account thus saving the expense of setting up a new non-profit organization.  The BWAHS will decide how the money is to be spent.

New Buisness:
Rob suggested the group meet in costume and eat together prior to the meeting.  Although many places were suggested, it was decided to remain local to make a presence.   It was agreed to meet in PJ’s restaurant at 5:30 prior to the June 25th meeting.

Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted, 

                                                                        Polly Horn pro tem for W. D. Comisford
Secretary, Rosecrans’ Headquarters


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