Early Tales and Sketches, Volume 2, 1864-5
by Mark Twain
Iowa Center of Textual Studies
University of California Press
July 1981

Page 321
The the 'Pacific Mail Steamership Company's  Colorado sailed from San Francisco to Panama on October 30, 1865 with General Rosecrans as one of the 600 passengers.
In a clipping from an unidentified newspaper to the Virginia Enterprise is this clipping of a sour temper which was preserved in Early Tales and Sketches.

Page 322
"I feel savage this morning.  And as usual, when one wants to growl, it is almost imposible to find things to growl about with any degree of satisfaction.  I cannot find anything in the steamer departures to get mad at. . . .  And off goes Rosecrans, without ever doing anything to give a paper a chance to abuse him.  He has behaved himself, and kept quier, and avoided scandalous meddling with the Oakland Seminaries, and paiid his board in the most aggravating manner.  Let him go."

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