Paulist Today
Summer 2007


"General William Rosecrans was a professor at the United States Military Academy before his service in the Union Army. In the 1840s, he became a CatGholic, and wrote to his brother Sylvester, a student at Kenyon College, encouraging him to explore Catholicism. He did so and entered the church. Sylvester Rosecrans studied for the priesthood and was ordained in 1852. A decade later, he was consecrated auxiliary bishop for Archdiocese of Cincinnati. In 1868, he was named the founding bishop of the Diocese of Columbus.

Like any good “Paulist,” General Rosecrans, one might say, evangelized his brother. But there is more to the Paulist story and the General. His son Adrian entered our community and was ordained in 1872, a gifted speaker and articulate writer. Unfortunately he contracted malaria; though he battled the disease for two years he died in 1876. The histories of the Rosecrans family, the Paulists and the Diocese of Columbus are indeed intertwined."   by Father John Duffey


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