ffrom Munsey's, June 1896. . . .

""Patriotic Societies of the Civil War"



General W. S. Rosecrans, President of the Army of the Cumberland
from a photograph by Bell, Washington

  "The Society of the Army of the Cumberland was organized in Cincinnati, February 6, 1868.  It admits to membership "every officer and soldier who has at any time served with honor in that army."  The present membership is about 600.  Annual meetings are held at which an address by some distinguished orator is the conspicuous feature.  Statues to Generals Thomas and Garfield have been raised in Washington through its efforts, and funds are being collected for a memorial to General Sheridan.  It's first president was General Thomas.  He was succeeded by General Sheridan, on whose death the present incumbent, General Rosecrans, was chosen."  

There is an error in this article.  General Rosecrans was elected at Fourth Reunion following the death of General Thomas.
Article is the property of Thomas Wolke who provided this copy

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