I. Missouri, for the coming year, needs all the slave and other labor she has within her own border. Humanity, as well as justice, forbids sending away to other States our helpless slaves. Moreover, bad men have been engaged in stealing and carrying negroes out of the State, and selling even those who were free. The exportation of negroes from Missouri is therefore prohibited. Nevertheless, the interests of the service demand that all able-bodied slaves fit for military duty in this department be received to fill up the quotas of the various districts required by the draft. Every one is therefore interested in having them promptly enlisted.

II. All officers acting under orders of the Provost-Marshal-General, and all Commanders of troops in this department, will see that this order is obeyed within their respective districts or commands, and will promptly arrest all who attempt to violate it, and send them to their district headquarters for trial and punishment for violation of military orders.

III. Officers enlisting slaves will be careful to take none unfit for service; but when they take a slave recruit, the master must receive the descriptive list specified in paragraph V. General Orders No. 135, of Nov. 4, 1863, from these headquarters, evidencing this claim on the Government, and the result is thenceforth under the charge of the United States, and if found unfit for service on a final examination, is entitled to a discharge and his freedom.

By command of Maj.-Gen. ROSECRANS,

O.D. GREENE, Assistant-Adjutant-General.