The Edge of Glory
by William Mathias Lamers

Louisiana State University Press, Baton Rouge

I feel all of this book is one big bookmark.  Without it my history of Rosecrans would be much smaller.  Using the snippets on information Lamers provided I've searched for there sources and uncovered what I  hope is an even more rounded version of the man called General  Rosecrans.
               page numbers refer to the paperback version

page 5

  Chasing the gander

page 10-11

  William remembers his elders, education

page 11

   Motto:  "Lick and not get licked"

page 12

   T. W. Barkley and appointment to West Point
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page 13

  Old Rosy and the encounter with Grant at West Point

page 14


page 14

  Anna Elizabeth Hegeman

page  15

  "Brilliant Rosy Rosecrans",  Napoleon Club

page 16

   Henry Crandall Rosecrans in the Mexican War

page 16

   Corps of Engineers at Newport, RI, Massachusetts Harbor and
   Washington Navy Yard

page 17

  Mrs. Hegeman, Negro Sunday School
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page 17

  Canal River Coal Company, New Coal River-Slack Water Navigation
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page 48-49

  Battle of Carnifax Ferry

page 62

  Jemima died in Iowa.  Children have whooping cough in Yellow Springs.
  Annie will join William in Wheeling

page 67

  Designed the Ambulance in Wheeling

pages 103-130

  Battle of Iuka, Mississippi

pages 131-158

  Corinth, Mississippi

page 154

  Cyrus Boyd's witness. Stats of the battle

page 157

  Grant vs Rosecrans 
   from Personal Memoirs by U. S. Grant, New York,1885, 2 vols

page 172, 176

  Annie is ill.  Baby dies.

page 173

  Bickham's account.

page 183

  Army of the Cumberland

page 187

  Muster out drunk officers, build cavalry, discipline men

page 217

  Rosecrans' horses were Boney his favorite gray or Tobey a mettlesome
  dappled gray

page 275-291

  Tullahoma  -- "Outstanding Operation of the War"

pages 325-394

  Chattanooga / Chickamauga.  Whitelaw Reid on Rosecrans

page 424-25

  Ask to serve as Lincoln's running-mate

page 414-439

  Missouri Campaign, Rosecrans second removal
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page 440

Finances in order and bring charges against Grant.  Political office

page 441

  Southern Pacific Railroad

page 442-3

  Deaths of Adrain, Mary, Sylvester and Annie 1876-80

page 446

  Doctor of Laws, Board of Regents for University of California

page 447

  Bill passed to restore his rank and place him on the retirement list
  Henderson's comments

page 447

  1892 reunion of the Grand Army in Washington

page 448

  Laetare Medal from Notre Dame university

page 448

  Grandchildren remember him
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The Charles Young Research Library at UCLA has the research papers used by Lamars to write the biography.  Copies of Edge of Glory are available for purchase in the Myers Inn Museum Gift Shop
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