The Rosecrans Family

Genealogy from
and original research by Polly Horn

Dr. Daniel and Thankful (Wilcox) Rosecrans and 4 sons
    (Crandall, Parmenus, Jacob, and Nathaniel) and two daughters settled
        on the Little Walnut Creek in Kingston Township in 1809.  They had
        four  more children.   
    He was Kingston's first Justice of the Peace
    Moved to Taylor Run in 1813.
Crandall Hopkins, born 8-6-1794 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
     married Jemima Hopkins (daughter of Timothy Hopkins, a relative of
         Stephen Hopkins who signed the Declaration of Independence)
     Lived on 160 acres next to his father on Taylor Run
Chauncey Rosecrans, born 1817 died an infant
William Starke Rosecrans, born 1819 on Taylor Run
          Crandall moved the family to Burlington in Licking County (became
                 Homer, Ohio), to be near his uncle Crandall Wilcox.
Charles Wesley Rosecrans born in 1822 in Homer, Ohio
Henry Crandall Rosecrans, born 1824 in Homer, Ohio
            Sylvester Horton Rosecrans, born 1827 in Homer, Ohio
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