Garrison Theater
Claremont University
Claremont, California

Garrison Theater dedication plaque reads: "The Garrison Theater - This center for the performing arts was initially made possible through the generous gifts of these funding donors - Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Garrison, the Ford Foundation, Pomona College, Honnold Foundation Fund of Claremont Graduate School and University Center, Mr. And Mrs. Ray Stanton Avery, Mr. and Mrs. Elden Smith, James Irvine Foundation, Santa Anita Foundation, Donald C. McKenna, Claremont Men's College, W. S. Rosecrans, Joel McCrea, Joseph and Lisa Hunter, Mrs. Carmelita Rosecrans Ewing, Lon V. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. George R. Martin, Howard and Winifred Mills, Henry B. Grandin, Gulf Oil Corporation, Mt. Baldy Council of the Women's Campus Club of Pomona College, Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. Felix Juda, Charles and Henrietta Detoy, Pomona First Federal Savings and Loan Association, Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Donnelly, John Laurence Seymour, Dr. and Mrs. George E. Baxter, Gladys and Morris Pendleton, Claremont Savings and Loan Association, Inland Steel - Ryerson Foundation, Inc., Fireman's Fund Foundation."

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