Plan of Cincinnati and Vicinity - 1861 
from Mitchell's New General Atlas  
by S. Augustus Mitchell, Jr.
Philadelphia: S. Augustus Mitchell, Jr. 1861

   made available online by Alabama Maps
Cartographic Research Laboratory

 College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Alabama 


Railroad >
Canal >


Bay Miller runs
north & south
left of Seventh
& Barr
to SS in Mississippi


285 George Street is W. S. Rosecrans Residence

Rosecrans, Wm., factor,
423 W. 7th
George Street goes between Bay Miller and Mound
Barr north of George and Seventh above Barr

Rosecrantz & CO., 413 W. 2d Street

Western Coal Oil CO.,
Rosecrans & Co.,
s.s.2d b. Rose and Hill  (south side 2nd between Rose and Hill Streets)

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