Living History

in the Big Walnut Community

If you are interested in making history come alive, providing others with a deeper understanding of history and making history fun for your audience and yourself, then you might want to consider learning to be a first person historical interpreter.


The General Rosecrans’ Unit is looking for individuals that are interested in Civil War History.  This is not just limited to soldiers.  We are interested in all types of individuals that want to spread the knowledge of what life was like during the 1860’s.  All individuals are welcome.  Examples of possible impressions that could be done are Union Soldiers, Undertakers, Doctors, Teachers, and Members of the Clergy.  Still more examples are Law Enforcement Officers, Government Officials, Store keepers, Housewives, Military Observers, reporters and children of the era.   These are just a few examples.   As you can see anyone that was living in that era can be a part of this.


Please remember you do not have to carry a weapon to do historical interpretation.  The goal is to present to the public what life was like in the 1860’s.  Not everyone was in the Union Army.


You may ask how I do this.  Like everything else t takes training and skill.  Current members of the Unit will assist in the learning how to do this.  The only requirement is an interest in history and the ability to read.


This is open to both current members and the general public that is interested in becoming a member of the Big Walnut Historical Society.   We have a number of events that are scheduled over the next few months that the whole family can partake in.


The Living History Committee will be meeting at 7:00PM on May 14 , 2012 at the Myers Inn.     


For more information you can contact Dana R. Russell at

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