Civil War Closet of Ohio Group


We are a private group that was instituted to aid with the fundraising for the General Rosecrans Statue.

Our group sews and crafts all kinds of items that are researched to be as accurate as possible to the 19th century. 

We also provide classes and education to others that wish to be engaged in the production of items of the period. 


Liz Golowenski and Kim Seats.  However, this group is open to all volunteers that wish to join us.

Meeting Times: 

Are set by the need.  There are ‘sewing’ days that are scheduled between Liz and Kim and are usually at a home.  At this time we are not holding meetings but if the numbers in our group increases meetings can be arranged.

Items that are presently being produced:

Day Dresses, Ball gowns, capes, Head coverings, hoop bags, poke bags, lavender dryer sachets, petticoats, chemises, men’s shirts in the USCC pattern, decorated combs and repairs to items that are worn by our Units’ members. 

Our Present Goals: 

We are planning on traveling to the Mansfield encampment on May 5 and 6 to present our wares to the public.  We are taking with us, the lavender dryer sheets, The Generals’ Tea, the Head coverings currently created and other items. 

Please contact Liz at  for more information and if there is an interest in classes or education of any kind!

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